Mystical Magical Mushroom Churches

By Zaky J on 03/04/2024

Discover the rise of magic mushroom churches and their spiritual practices: a growing trend in alternative spirituality. To edit this post, navigate to the admin dashboard.


New churches are being built to facilitate psychedelic religious ceremonies. These churches use magic mushrooms or other plants like ayahuasca as sacraments. This new wave of spiritualism is actually bringing us back to shamanism. Community is almost reverting back into tribes as culture redefines itself. 

Is This Good or Bad?

The good

People are learning how to grow, expand and develop their consciousness using tools that mother nature has given. Not all communities are equal but a solid one can be rocket fuel for growth. This is a remarkable step forward in society's relationship with substances. Now new traditions are emerging and safe containers are being built for people to express themselves spiritually, through psychedelics.

The Bad 

Unfortunately we are all using drugs at a higher rate then ever before in history. It is wide spread and while now there are more structures being built to facilitate the whole psychedelic experience there is also some issues. People can identifying with the tool, the mushrooms, as the answer instead of the truth. It is like worshiping a pen for the words that came out of it instead of the author who wrote the book.

Should you trip every Sunday?

That question ultimately is up to you. Just don't lose yourself along the way of finding yourself. Exploration is natural but when that exploration is is turned into mechanical ritual, people can lose the meaning that made those actions special in the first place. These psychedelic sacraments are not the answer to life itself, they are an expression of life that you can have a live experience with. Don't loose sight of the entire picture, only to look through myceliated rose colored glasses. 

How to Balance Shrooms and Religions.

This is a problem that ancient shamans have tackled. They developed a deep understanding of the substances through a shared tradition passed on through generations. This deep cultural connection is now just being built, however, new age psychedelic churches were tried before in the LSD era. Yes, expand your mind by all means but make sure not to accidentally MK-ULTRA yourself along the way. If you respect these substances because you respect your vessel then you are probably well adjusted to wisely navigate these new options. 

It is those that feel ultimately lost, without a cause, or meaning that I worry will latch on to substances as their sole reason for life. These tools are a compass that points back to the self. The medicine has a hard time redirecting people back to themselves if you put these substances on the highest pedestals through mysticism. 

If this one thing brings you closer to say god, universe, then people might not take the time to discover god, or the universe in their normal day. This feeling of completion is the goal and if you are only completed after you take substances, you are missing out on the awe that is in everyday. 

What Good Mushroom Churches Looks Like

If you intend to find a church that administers psychedelic sacraments, keep a health dose of skepticism. You are getting involved with is a group of people. If those are your people, your tribe, then that is probably a good move. If you are looking in desperation then you might find yourself with people that while they like to do psychedelics, they don't share the same values that are important to you. Look for meaning and try new things but make sure to take care of yourself because at the end of the day the only thing you truly need is your health and peace of mind, not special sacraments . 

Christians Cathedrals and Mosques

I wish we had access to the amazing Christians churches and the fantastic geometric architecture of mosques while under the influence. Those places while filled with potential dogma, have at least built incredible structures that grant a sense of awe to people that enter. I can only image what the walls could tell you while tripping in places like that. 

Comparative religions

Regions have a lot to offer in terms of wisdom. Knowledge has to be protected and passed on carefully otherwise the brutal march of time erases all. Don't discount what you can learn from a simple comparative study of religions if you are a seeker of truth. These traditions and wisdom's have survive the test of time for a reason. Just don't get sucked into all the trappings of religion if you are not interested in that. Take the truth were it lay and leave the rest. In this way if you end up using psychedelics to explore further you will have a huge body of knowledge to pull from since you spent the time to fill your mind with the best spiritual guidance left for us by our ancestors. 

Sages and Saints

If you do a long enough study you start to notice how all the sages and saints start to sound very familiar. They end up with the same messages for you wrapped in different cultural trappings. Once you get to this point you wont be so interested in a mystical art, or new age religion because you will have heard the answer given to you in so many ways. That will be a powerful foundation for you to build upon because there will be a special moment when you learn to say those very same messages in your own words. This is a wonderful place of peace and I sincerely hope everyone finds it. Don't sweat the whole search, the answers are already in front of you, they are just so simple your mind might trick you into thinking it can't be that simple. But it is. 

If I built a Church

Unless I have an architect like Gaudi to build a wonderful cathedral, I don't think I would build a church around psychedelics. It not all fun and games. In fact trip sitting can be rather tough. There is heavy lifting, real emotions, painful memories and absolutely stunning beauty too. To those that want to help people in those ways, I respect and understand. I also know there are few people out there who have really done the work on themselves to the point where they can help others. So while other people sort it all out I will echo a sentiment that I promise to echo again. The best church you can ever visit is nature. Nothing beats it. So if you are looking for god, the universe, the source, you are one hike away, one mushroom walk away from finding it. Good Luck!


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