Should You Do Psychedelic Mushrooms?

By Zaky J on 04/09/2024

If it is your first time with mind altering substances this is a big question. Should you do it? Before making any decision you have to ask yourself a crucial q... To edit this post, navigate to the admin dashboard.


Is It Your First Time

If it is your first time with mind altering substances this is a big question. Should you do it? Before making any decision you have to ask yourself a crucial question, why? This is incredible important for setting up the context for your experience and when you know your primary reason for doing anything you are able to tackle life with vigor. Understanding the 'why' sets the foundation, framing the entire context of your experience to come.

Before you are set to embark with a yes or no into mind-altering substances it is essential to understand why or your intent. Are you seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, do you want to unpack a scientific problem you have been grappling with a while, or are you merely curious of their effects. These are all basic starting point to you can use to find the optimal path for you so you can maximize a potential transformative experience. 

Echoes from the Past: The Historical Context

History is a great way to clue yourself into how to uses these tools. If you do a small comparative study on these traditions and the countless other cultures that implemented these cognitive tools and medicines you will have a powerful perspective on how to go about a trip in the most fruitful way possible. Ignore these historical examples are your own peril. Our ancestors had similar existential questions and problems that we face today. Use their collective wisdom that they left to guide you in a grounded way to find health and prosperity in way that work best for you.  

Shamans of Siberia

Historically, the shamans in Siberia have used Amanita muscaria mushrooms for spiritual rituals. They believed these mushrooms helped them communicate with the spirit world, acting as a bridge between the mortal realm and the divine.

Psychedelic Soma of the Vedic Texts

Soma, a drink mentioned in ancient Vedic texts, is believed by some researchers to have psychedelic properties. Consumed in rituals, it was considered to enlighten the mind and connect the drinker to the divine.

Eleusinian Mysteries

Held in ancient Greece, the Eleusinian Mysteries were initiation ceremonies with participants consuming a drink that was made out of spoiled rye grains. these drinks had a powerful mind altering effect that were coupled with deeply symbolic rituals design to elevate the human experience through profound spiritual experiences.

Treading with Caution

The allure of such experiences comes responsibility. There's a predisposition among some individuals, especially those with a family history of schizophrenia or other mental health history concerns, to experience adverse reactions. Such individuals might find the experience more daunting than enlightening, potentially causing more harm than good.

Modern-Day Relevance: Psychedelics as Tools

It's not just the historical context of psychedelic mushrooms that's important, but also the present. In our current times, many view these fungi as a catalyst for change**. They're not just a 'trip' but a tool, an avenue for introspection, personal growth, and transformation. But it's crucial to remember that they aren't a magic bullet that can instantly resolve all of life's challenges.

Unleashing Creativity

In today's fast-paced world, many turn to these substances for creativity enhancement. From Silicon Valley professionals microdosing to boost productivity, to artists seeking fresh perspectives, there's a growing acceptance of these substances as tools to **think outside the box**.

Modern Societal Perceptions

While historical cultures revered these substances, modern society’s view is more varied. Some advocate for their therapeutic benefits and potential for personal growth, while detractors highlight possible misuse and mental health risks. Recent decriminalization efforts in parts of the U.S. reflect a shift towards acceptance, especially for medicinal use. However, comprehensive education and responsible usage remain crucial.

The Ultimate Aim: Enhanced Perspective 

At their core, psychedelics aim to amplify introspection. This can lead to a heightened understanding of oneself and the broader universe, facilitating a clearer approach to life's challenges.

Me, Personally

I have examined these substance recreationally, traditionally, and scientifically. I have come to the understanding that Magic mushrooms, or other psychedelics are just a tool. It is all based on how you use these tool that will determine any outcome you get. 

he best use I got out of these substances were when I used these to enhance my neuroplasticity and to promote neurogenesis. I found remarkable growth in this approach over the spiritual and recreational. I took a systematic approach to using these substances. I made sure to include pre-work and post integration into my system to ensure I wasn't wasting my time. 

We have such a short time on this planet and if I can find an edge and hone it within myself I will do that. This has lead me to explore more with mushroom therapy and look inward to develop deeper insight. 

Overall most of my trips that were not structured, while not a complete waste of time, didn't compare to the effectiveness of a process. 

I want to take the guess work and mysticism out of psychedelics so by journeying with them I found them to be helpful. Most people need to learn how to handle their drink, their drugs, their medicine. It all balance, that is life. 

Those that want purely a recreational experience, I get it. Enjoy and don't over do it. As long as you don't use substances as the sole reason for a good time you are probably fine. If you have to ask yourself am I over doing it? Then you just might be over doing it. If it gets in the way of your responsibility to yourself then you are probably over doing it. If not then enjoy your ride and more power to you. 

If you develop structure and balance with these magic mushrooms through a bit a research and planning you can rapidly speed up your progress towards your purpose. I would rather people bank on results then waiting on a cure or magic bullet. These tools don't work for you but if you work with them you can find amazing results.

In Conclusion

Psychedelic mushrooms, laden with history and modern potential, offer transformative experiences. Their journey, from ancient rituals to potential therapeutic applications, is a testament to their enduring allure. As we continue to explore their myriad benefits, it's paramount to approach them with respect, understanding, and an open mind.

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