Where Should You Take Magic Mushrooms?

By Zaky J on 04/09/2024

Explore set and setting when considering your first psychedelic journey. The right place and the right time can make a world of difference. To edit this post, navigate to the admin dashboard.


The Importance Of Set and Setting

If you want a magical experience then you should take some time to thing about where you want to do your magic mushrooms. This is one of the most important parts of the process because set and setting are incredibly impactful. When done right you have amazing memories, but when done wrong you can feel like you wasted time, or worse, you can have a terrible time.

Understanding Inner Set and Setting

Let's start with an analogue to make sense of the inner world of set and setting. Imagine you are in imagine you are in a hot tub with beautiful people. Some of them are into you and want to spend time getting to know you better. In fact you want to get to know them better too, but there is one thing bothering you. It's a sore throat. the kind where you are starting to lose your voice and every time you swallow you feel the wince of pain. all your attention is now center on the pain you feel and not on the beauty around you or the experiences you could have.

This is what is like if you don't take care of your internal set and setting. You will be in an amazing experience that you can hardly enjoy because your mind is preoccupied with what is going on internally. This is the easiest way to turn a trip bad. Take the time do some spring cleaning on your mind. This will smooth out your experience and allow you to focus internally if you want to work therapeutically or externally if you want to enjoy your psychedelic mushrooms recreationally.

Choosing Your External Environment:

Music Festival

Say you ready and are super solid internally. now you should consider where in the world you want to trip. If you are into music, go get some tickets to a music festival. of course you know how to trip responsibly so now you can enjoy a spectrum of sound and artistry that are stunning. You might even find the whole adventure aspiring so when you return home, you can pick up where you left off with the guitar or piano.

Nature Is King

If you love nature and this is honestly one of my favorites go to's. Then go on a hike on one of your favorite trails or rent a cabin in the woods. Nature has always been an amazing host and what you can learn from being immersed in it during a trip can fill libraries. You get to see the shimmering color of grass and trees. How the world breaths with you. The ebbs and flows of the wind. You might even notice how inextricable connected we actually are to the world, how we are apart of this environment and are not a separate entity. Just make sure to pack yourself enough water, some electrolytes, and maybe even a cold orange so you can fully enjoy the moment without physical discomfort.

At Home

If you want to go therapeutic and are hesitant to try an outside adventure. Stay home, find a quiet spot and create some safe comfortable space for some introspection. You can't go wrong in a space where you can be as expressive as you like. Lay out some paper and paints and try to see if you can draw what you are seeing. Take some time to dance like no one is watching. your in your space so its your rules.

Don't skimp on aftercare

If you go out to a festival and are burning loads of energy. Then you have to replenish through rest and recouperation. This aftercare is not just the few hours are days after but can be weeks because psychological changes might have occurred too.

Take time for Reflection

The psychedelic experience can often unearth profound insights, memories, or emotions. As a result, many participants stressed the importance of setting aside time to reflect upon these revelations, making sense of them in the context of their lives. It might be time to start keeping a journal so you have a structured way of looking back at the whole experience. This allows them to revisit and reinterpret the meanings they have found while also drawing connections with their everyday lives.

Timing and Gradual re-entry. 

Take your time. You don't need to rush things while transition backing into your day to day life. Take some time to be mindful and make sure to block out enough time so you don't burn yourself out having fun, doing therapeutics, or exploring the vastness of you consciousness using these psychedelic tools.

In essence, aftercare is about honoring the profound nature of the psychedelic experience, giving it the reverence and attention it deserves. It's about recognizing that the journey doesn't end when the effects of the substance wear off. It's a continuum that blends into one's broader life narrative, deserving deliberate attention, and care.

Legal Considerations

Before embarking on any psychedelic journey, it's paramount to be aware of the legal ramifications surrounding the possession and consumption of magic mushrooms. Their legal status varies considerably across countries and even within states or regions of a country. In some areas, magic mushrooms are strictly prohibited and possession can result in hefty fines or even imprisonment. However, recent years have witnessed a growing movement towards decriminalization and medical research, with some cities and states adjusting their laws in favor of controlled therapeutic use or personal possession. Always ensure that you research and understand the regulations of your jurisdiction before acquiring or consuming these substances to avoid legal complications.

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