Your First Heroic Journey!

By Zaky J on 12/01/2023

Applying the Hero's Journey framework to personal development. Let's look at the consideration when looking at a deeper dive! To edit this post, navigate to the admin dashboard.


The Heroic Trip

This is a big moment for anyone's life. This is when reality gets shaken up and served on a plate of infinity. This is where life is cracked like an egg and poured out onto the burning bush. The same one that Moses saw, that fire that you will feel. It is right there for you to experience on your first heroic trip.

How much Is Heroic

Depending on the strain of Magic mushroom you have will determine its potency along with the methods used to cultivate the fruiting body. If you have a really potent strain know that you have to factor that into your dosing guide lines. Additionally, you have to factor in your weight too. The larger you are the more you will probably need. Having that in mind, now you can pull out a few mushroom caps and stems. If you have decent product and you are average size then 4, 5 or more grams will yield a powerful heroic trip. Put on your wet suit because your going into the deep ocean.

The only thing that can really help on a heroic trip in my opinion is good intentions going in. Why? Because along the way you will probably experience ego death. That will wipe out your current concepts and ideas leaving you with your core operating code. You can develop a plan all you want but once your ego is gone, the way you normal operate is gone too.

What is EGO DEATH?

This is the most profound and potentially best part of the whole experience. It is when the persona that you have carefully crafted for yourself your whole life is wipeout in a blink of your eye. All the things that make you, you. Your language, your name, your body are subject to destruction in a metaphorical forest fire. This forest fire is there to show you how much dead wood you have collected over the years. All those tormenting memories, all those prestigious accolades, all those luxury material goods no long exist as they burn away.

This is incredibly rewarding if the culture shock doesn't terrify you the whole time. It shows you that out of everything you thought you knew to be real, none of it is, and none of it matters. For me, This particular moment hit like curb flinging you over the top of your bike's handle bars. I crashed through all the layers of my knowledge into the bedrock of reality. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend like I got it instantly and I was sage like. Quiet the contrary. I was in fear and wondering if my mind would be the same ever again. If there was a coming back from this.

While there was a coming back to reality as I would learn after hours of fighting to remain the same person. I changed. This helped me in the long run as I reflected on how my idea of keeping my sanity was remaining the same. Life is change though. That opened my eyes. I saw how much I sweated the small things. How so many problems are insignificant in the cosmic time scale we are embedded in, even while embodying a human form.

I learned through all that loss, through the burning truth, as I stood on the ashes of how I portrayed myself to others. That I was still here with consciousness. That this is the isness. The truth. That consciousness is the only thing that remains after everything else vanishes. Through the scared mind trying to make sense of it, I discovered it is ok. Its ok that I don't have to understand what is happening or what will happen. You can still be perfectly fine in that singular moment of here and now.

Common Mistakes Coming Down

I have seen a lot of people build new identification in these exalted moments. They learn to preserve their ego behind the seed of divinity as they singularly identify with god. Yes we are all god but we are all god in the way that is intend by the laws of nature and not by the laws that the human mind would like to hold god too. I have seen people enter into this particular embodiment while ignoring the natural ways of this world and end up injuring themselves. They bump into the boundaries they think have dissolved because "we are all one". Don't make this mistake because it is not worth ramming into every single brick wall as reality reminds you of the rules of this playground.

Best Ways To Come Down

Congratulations you have made it from the universes edge back to earth. Now you can start to rebuild what is important to you. Take the time to audit your life. You are in a neuroplastic moment where the changes you make now are more likely to map onto your being. Choose wisely and see if the experience has left you with important clues as to where to start.

Words are hardly enough to explain a heroic journey. You can still try by journaling. This can be very helpful as you learn more about the messages that you discovered along this adventure. If writing is not your thing, you can draw the images you saw, or make music to the emotions you felt. It is important that you use this time and those moment efficiently because real change can happen if you apply yourself. The ground has been tilled so the seeds you plant now will be a powerful catalyst for your life to come.

Was It Heroic?

Well my first few trips certainly didn't make me look heroic as I was more confused and scared then strong and stoic. However, that is just like everything else in life. You will probably be pretty bad at it your first time. At least for me this is true. That is ok though because the journey is what counts and how we continue our journey is what matters. If you can learn from fear great, if you have a wonderful first heroic trip and learn from that joy then even better. Just grow and change along with the flow of the world and you will be fine. Good luck!

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